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ZFY Raise Boring Machine

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ZFY Raise Boring Machine


The inverse well drilling shaft than are digging method, cage, climbing pot and other inverse construction method, construction with safety, high efficiency, fast speed, good quality as well, high economic benefit, wall smooth, and other outstanding advantages of small disturbance on the surrounding rock, and can be widely applied in hydropower station (pressure pipeline, surge tank, gate shaft, ventilation shaft, cable wells), coal (well, extended reach well, coal, coal chute etc.), metal mine (chute, ventilation wells, cable wells) inverse construction. 

ZFY series of raise-boring machine is developed on LM series of raise-boring machine on the basis of our company and the China Coal Research Institute is a new generation of raise-boring machine. This machine is of flame-proof, full hydraulic drilling, reaming diameter Φ 1.0- Φ 2.1 meters, the maximum drilling depth of 300 meters, the series of drill adopts the advanced hydraulic control technology, has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, small volume, light weight, high rock breaking efficiency, as well as fast, long life and other advantages, can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, hydropower, the well drilling engineering construction. The machine has the following characteristics:

1 the use of advanced control technology, compact structure, light weight, the same type of domestic and foreign drill, lighter weight compared to 20%, less power consumption by more than 30%.

2 drill down does not need auxiliary device, erect, simple, reliable, fast, safe.

3 hydraulic system is simple, reliable, easy operation, convenient maintenance.

4 drilling pressure, rotation speed stepless regulation, can meet the requirements of various drilling technology, favorable borehole deviation control.

5 to play under the drilling process is reasonable, then drill, adopting non-bearing floating structure and mechanical hand protection mechanism, double protection drill pipe threads from damage.

6The variable combination type drill hole diameter, wide application range, low use cost.

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